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Dental Crowns


Dental Crowns In Golden Gate

Dr. Sosis and Dr. Komissarova want you to have a fully functional, healthy smile that you can depend on throughout your lifetime. Dental crowns are beautiful and versatile dental restorations used to restore damaged teeth, replace a tooth with a dental implant or bridge, or replace a worn dental crown or filling.

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Dental Crowns

Your Best Smile Yet

Dental crowns are strong, personalized and entirely discreet. After receiving a dental crown for your smile, the results look so natural that it can be your little secret! You may be a great candidate for a dental crown if:

You wish to replace one or more missing teeth
You have one or more damaged, broken or decayed teeth
You hope to replace a worn dental crown or filling
You have recently had a root canal

Because they are built to last and are naturally stain and cavity resistant, some patients enjoy dental crowns for the appearance of achieving the effects of professional teeth whitening, similar to veneers.

At Golden Gate Dental, we’ll take the time to design a beautiful dental crown for you that you can cherish so much, that you’ll forget you ever had less than a healthy and strong tooth.

Do I Need To Replace A Tooth?

Tooth loss moves quickly, undoing years of orthodontic work and leading to costly dental complications if left untreated. Don’t wait for symptoms of gum disease, a bad bite or premature wrinkles to take you by surprise: tackle tooth loss quickly, and reclaim your health and confidence.

You may never know the impact your beautiful smile can have on your life. But why wait to find out? If it’s time to recover from tooth loss call us at 415-367-3444. We can walk you through your options for modern tooth replacement, including dental implants, crowns and bridges, and personalized full and partial dentures.

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Endodontic Dentistry

Toothaches are no picnic. If you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night with a sharp pain in the back of your mouth, you may want to see your local dentist in Golden Gate. Endodontic dentistry addresses the health of the inside of the tooth, containing the nerve of the tooth and the soft tissue, known as the “pulp”.

If you have an infection inside the tooth (due to tooth decay, a broken tooth, a deep cavity or neglect), you may need root canal therapy to restore the smile. Using advanced methods in pain management and precision technology, your root canal treatment may feel similarly to receiving a common dental filling. In the final step of treatment, the tooth can be sealed with a dental filling or dental crown.