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Inner Richmond Teeth Whitening



You know the difference: you see it every day. When you have stained or yellowed teeth, your smile may not be your favorite feature, but it’s one that most people notice right away. The world deserves to see you for who you are: confident, healthy and happy! We can help you get there.

Call us at 415-367-3444 to schedule your consultation for professional teeth whitening in San Francisco.

Introducing Zoom! Teeth Whitening

Our Philips Zoom! whitening method is known across the nation as the number one requested professional whitening brand. Our professional teeth whitening process is great for anyone looking to whiten and improve their smile without feeling obligated to choose other methods in cosmetic dentistry.

You’ll get a whiter, more youthful and attractive smile in just a short period of time. To get you started on your journey towards your dream smile, take a look at the first steps below.

As your cosmetic dentist in Golden Gate, we have carefully chosen professional teeth whitening methods that are superior to anything you’ll find on a drugstore shelf. Imagine :

Superior effective and consistent results
Less tooth sensitivity than drugstore whitening
Results are designed to last months or longer
You decide how white it is ideal for you
Whiten In-Office And At Home!

Our San Francisco dentists perform in-office teeth whitening and can also provide specially individualized take-home kits. That way you can whiten your teeth at your convenience, and keep your teeth white and bright between professional whitening treatments.

What To Expect About Teeth Whitening

Unlike playing the guessing game while you juggle strips, toothpastes and gels at the grocery store, at Golden Gate Dental you can sit back while we whiten your teeth with professional service. We’ll use custom whitening trays with professional-grade whitening agents to rest just over the surface of your teeth. In just one appointment you can celebrate your best smile yet!

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Discover Cosmetic Dentistry In San Francisco

Life’s too short to worry or feel down about your smile. See yourself for who you really want to be with cosmetic dentistry in San Francisco. At Golden Gate Dental, we’re passionate about your smile, your health, and letting you enjoy life feeling confident.

Call us today at 415-367-3444 to set up your date for a beautiful smile with teeth whitening in San Francisco!