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Laser Dentistry in San Francisco


Laser Dentistry

At Golden Gate Dental, we pride ourselves on the excellent care we provide in preventive and restorative dentistry. We invest in the latest technology to offer our patients the best and most comfortable treatment plans to keep them smiling. We are thrilled to introduce laser dentistry, an innovative breakthrough in periodontal treatments that combines sophisticated dental care with the benefits of laser therapy!

Typically, the removal of tooth decay and bacteria can involve scraping and drills, and the heat and pressure associated with that can be uncomfortable. But not anymore! Laser dentistry employs a tiny laser fiber that fits between the gum and the tooth and gently uses extreme precision to remove diseased tissue and pathogenic bacteria.

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Benefits of Laser Dentistry

In addition to treating a variety of hard and soft tissue procedures such as cavities, decay removal, root canals, and smile reconstruction, there are multiple benefits of laser dentistry that will have you lining up for a seat in our chair!

Patient Comfort: Say goodbye to numb lips, shots, and anesthesia. The Waterlase reduces swelling, bleeding, and even the need for pain medication in certain cases.

Accuracy and Precision: Laser dentistry allows our trained dentists to remove bacteria and treat bone and gum tissue with precise application so that surrounding areas are not affected. Your healthy tooth structure will remain intact!

Reduced Trauma: Drilling causes the potential for hairline cracks in the surrounding healthy teeth, but laser dentistry removes that possibility.

Improved Cavity Fillings: Fillings last longer due to increased bond strength!


Can I Benefit From Laser Dentistry?

Did you know that over half of American adults have gum disease? Our teeth naturally build up a sticky bacterial residue each day from eating and drinking. In their effort to eliminate this bacteria, our immune systems release substances that trigger inflammation and destruction of our gums. Initial signs of this are swollen, bleeding gums, also known as gingivitis. Preventing gum disease is as simple as brushing and flossing daily, combined with regular professional dental cleanings.

Left untreated, advanced gum disease can result in tooth loss. At Golden Gate Dental, our trained dentists monitor patients’ oral health to ensure that any initial signs of gum disease or tooth decay are treated so that they do not lead to larger, potentially costly issues!

Tooth decay often shows up in the form of a cavity. When the tooth is exposed to acid frequently in the form of sugary, starchy foods and drinks, the enamel loses minerals and the decay process begins. Usually, enamel repairs itself with the minerals from our saliva, and when we brush our teeth with fluoride. But if the decay process continues, the enamel is eventually destroyed, forming a cavity.