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Invisalign at Golden Gate

Eat whatever you want. Smile wherever, whenever you want. Feel confident again, and embrace the smile you know you were meant to have. Trying to smile when you don’t feel confident is like high school embarrassment all over again–with bulky metal braces, the feeling can be all the worse! Invisalign clear aligners are hassle free, virtually invisible and easily removed when you eat or drink, so you can live every moment to its fullest in a smile you’re excited to share.

It’s more than an orthodontic decision

It’s about your health, too. When your smile looks better, you feel better, and you’re more likely to take care of your teeth and engage in a positive social circle. With Invisalign clear aligners, you can finally (invisibly!) straighten your teeth.

Say goodbye to small gaps or spaces between teeth
Lower risks of tooth decay and gum disease with straighter teeth
There are no bulky brackets or chafing metals in your mouth
Easily remove the aligners when you want to snack or eat
Instantly watch the progress happen through clear aligners

Invisalign: Better Than Braces

It’s easy to call attention to braces, but do you know what you’re missing with Invisalign? Straightening your teeth is one of the best things you can do for your dental health and your self esteem. So why settle on orthodontic work that is tacked onto the teeth? You deserve a smile you’ll love. With Invisalign, we can make that possible.

The Trouble With Metal Braces

Should you choose traditional braces, you may be signing up to months or years of bulky brackets in the mouth, wires that poke or prod the cheeks, and a look that just isn’t glamorous. When you find yourself bending into the mirror to brush and floss or passing up the favorite snacks you can’t eat, you may dream of an easier smile with Invisalign.

Benefits of Invisalign

It’s clear. It’s comfortable. And you’re free to indulge in all of your favorite treats. Invisalign clear aligners are so discreet and easy to wear, that you may be the only one to know you’re straightening your teeth. Easily remove the aligners before you eat, without so much worry about getting food in your teeth! Brush and floss easy, and enjoy your smile every step of the way.

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Is Invisalign Right For Me?

Call us today to claim a Free Invisalign Consultation, where Dr. Sosis can show you how Invisalign may work for your smile. Invisalign treats a variety of dental issues, bringing teeth together to close small gaps or spaces between teeth. It is also used to correct certain bite issues that add stress to the jaw and teeth.

Solve your overbite, underbite, crossbite or open bite when Invisalign harmonizes the teeth to solve headaches, muscle pain and jaw pain and completes your beautiful ideal smile. Call us today to schedule a visit!