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3 Common Myths & Misconceptions About Dental Lasers – Debunked

At Golden Gate Dental, Dr. Sosis uses only the best dental technology and equipment to provide stellar service for all of our patients in San Francisco. That’s why our team specializes in laser dentistry!

Laser dentistry uses a specialized machine to deliver high-powered laser light, and they can often be used instead of dental drills. This cutting-edge technology can remove decayed tooth enamel and even reshape gums.

Since laser dentistry is a relatively new technology (it was first introduced in the late 1980s and became more popular in the 1990s), there are quite a few misconceptions and myths about it. Here’s a few common myths that we’ve debunked so you can relax and enjoy the benefits of laser technology:

  1. Laser Dentistry Is Just Too Expensive – It’s Not Worth It!

While there is some truth to this myth,the cost difference is usually negligible for basic treatments like gum reshaping and the treatment of tooth decay . Laser tools are quite expensive, compared to traditional dental drills. This means that most dentists who have invested in laser dentistry equipment will charge slightly higher rates.

Since laser dentistry is non-invasive, its benefits (such as shorter treatment times and minimal bleeding and discomfort) are definitely worth the price of entry.

  1. My Dental Insurance Won’t Cover Laser Treatment

In almost all cases, this is completely false. Your dental insurance provider does not determine whether or not a procedure is covered based on the treatment method used. For example, a problem like a cavity will always be covered by dental insurance, whether or not it is performed with traditional dental drills or a laser drill.

This misconception is widespread because laser treatments are often used for cosmetic treatments like gum reshaping, which is not covered by insurance plans unless it’s proven to be necessary for non-cosmetic reasons. Your insurance provider will cover laser treatment in most cases, and you can double-check with our team to ensure that you’re covered.

  1.  Laser Dentistry Is Painful

It may be natural to assume that laser dentistry is painful, because it is used to remove tissue from your mouth, to perform biopsies, and to remove cold sores. After all, it has to be painful if it’s cutting away your tissue, right?

False! Laser dentistry is actually much more comfortable than drill-based dentistry. There is no uncomfortable vibration or scary sound. Many laser dentistry procedures can be performed without any kind of sedation or anesthetic. And, in some cases, sutures are not required, either.

In addition, laser dentistry “cauterizes” your tissue, which minimizes bleeding and sterilizes the area. This promotes faster healing, and makes the recovery process much easier.

Know The Facts About Laser Dentistry At Golden Gate Dental!

If you are interested in laser dentistry, don’t let common misconceptions hold you back. Dr. Sosis offers gentle, efficient laser dentistry treatments in Golden Gate Park. With customized treatment plans, reasonable prices, and advanced laser technology, we offer a superior dental experience for patients in San Francisco.

Schedule a consultation now to see what laser dentistry can do for you! You can give us a call at (415) 367-3444, or drop by our office at 3200 Fulton St, San Francisco, CA 94118 to get started.