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Our Top Tips For Your Child’s First Dental Appointment

As a leading family dentist in San Francisco, Dr. Sosis has years of experience working with kids of all ages. At Golden Gate Dental, we want to make sure that our patients and their little ones have an enjoyable first experience with pediatric dentistry.

Here are a few of our top tips for keeping your child safe, comfortable, and happy during their first dental appointment:

1. Pick The Right Family Dentist

Your child’s first interactions with a dentist can determine their attitude toward dental care for the rest of their lives. If you choose a dentist who is brusque, not qualified to work with children, or who does not provide sensitive, gentle care, your child may have a bad attitude toward dentists in the future, or even develop dental anxiety.

To prevent this, we recommend taking your time when choosing a family dentist in San Francisco. We encourage parents looking for a new pediatric dentist to read our patient reviews and come in for an interview before your child’s first appointment. We want to build relationships with our patients and their families, and we’ll always take the time to make sure you and your little one are comfortable.

2. Keep A Positive Attitude

Children do not automatically have a bad attitude about going to the dentist. So, even if you’re nervous about seeing a dentist with your child for the first time, keep a positive attitude. Make it seem like going to the dentist is no big deal, and that it’s as common and routine as any other errand, such as going grocery shopping.

3. Schedule A Morning Appointment

Kids typically have an easier time at the dentist when they’re relaxed and well-rested, so planning a visit for early in the morning is typically recommended. If this is not possible for you, consider an afternoon appointment, just after they’ve had a nap!

4. Be Prepared For The Wait

Bring activities for your child to keep them entertained while they’re waiting in the office, or in the dentist’s chair. Keeping them occupied and entertained will ensure they maintain a good attitude.

5. Let The Dentist Explain Things To Your Child

It’s tempting to try to tell your child about the dentist before you go, and to try to explain what is going to happen there. But you shouldn’t give them more than just the basic details. A family dentist, such as Dr. Sosis, has years of experience working with kids and educating them about their teeth.

Let the professionals take care of explaining things. Working with your dentist to answer any questions your child might have about their teeth is the best way to build healthy, life-long oral hygiene habits.

Bring Your Children To Golden Gate Dental Today!

Did you know that children are supposed to see the dentist for the first time when their first tooth erupts, or when they turn one year old? If your child hasn’t yet seen the dentist for the first time, we encourage you to bring them into Golden Gate Dental.

Our team of dental professionals loves working with kids. As a leading family dental practice, we work with children of all ages. Schedule an appointment now at (415) 367-3444, or stop by our office at 3200 Fulton St, San Francisco, CA 94118 for a consultation.