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Stay confident while you work on your smile!

For many of us, having a great smile is important. And it’s not just vanity. Crooked teeth affect your oral hygiene as well as your self-esteem. Years of traditional metal braces aren’t the most appealing solution. Plus, they prevent you from enjoying certain foods and have to be worn constantly. But with Invisalign, the path to perfect teeth is accessible and almost unnoticeable.

Lose the bulk of braces

Invisalign trades metal brackets and wires for clear, plastic aligners that are specially crafted for you. They fit snugly around your teeth and gently shift their position until they’re properly aligned – just without the discomfort, bulk and appearance of traditional braces.

Enjoy the ease of Invisalign

Your dentist will take impressions or scans of your teeth and map your treatment plan. From there, the scans are sent to Invisalign where the aligners are customized just for you. They must be worn 20-22 hours per day, but that shouldn’t be a problem since they’re nearly invisible.

As long as you’re diligent about wearing your aligners, you can move on to the next set every 2 weeks to continue the corrective process. You’ll also have regular appointments with your dentist every 6 weeks so they can track your progress.

We all have different issues that need to be addressed, so each patient’s case varies in length. But typically, the process takes about a year.

Take advantage of a clear solution

Invisalign provides all the advantages of traditional braces with added benefits that are exclusive to plastic aligners:

  • Nearly Invisible – Hardly anyone will know you’re having the treatment unless you tell them!
  • Comfortable – Made from smooth plastic, there are no sharp metal edges to scratch your mouth or rubber bands to snap you.
  • Treats Several Issues – From overbites to underbites, crowded teeth or closing gaps, Invisalign can take care of it.
  • No Food Restrictions – Since Invisalign is a removable system, you can take the aligners out during meals and enjoy all the foods you love.
  • Better Oral Health – You can also brush and floss like you normally would, keeping your oral health at the top of its game throughout your treatment.

Interested In Invisalign? Visit Golden Gate Dental Today!

If you or someone in your family needs their teeth aligned, Dr. Sosis and the team at Golden Gate Dental in San Francisco can help you out. Contact us or call at (415) 843-4079 today to book your consultation, and get on your way to a fantastic new smile!